My husband and I have just BARELY started to incorporate D/s into our “bedroom” life.  After witnessing infidelity tear apart 2 couples who are friends of ours, I knew that I could no longer take our marriage and sex-life for granted.  Just like there are no guarantees we will wake up to see tomorrow, there are no guarantees that a marriage can withstand outside forces if there isn’t a conscious effort to strengthen it from within.

I’m writing this blog primarily for my own sanity.  I don’t feel comfortable sharing these thoughts and feelings with anyone outside my marriage (friends, family, etc.) but at the same time, I need to process them, and writing is the best way.

So why a PUBLIC site?  As I’ve been researching D/s & BDSM, almost every site has naked bodies all over it.  Beautiful bodies, but naked nonetheless.  Hopefully this site will provide insight into “the Lifestyle” as it’s incorporated into a monogamous, healthy, loving, marriage without the visual “soft porn” element.